Teenage rape victim, arrested by police on false charges of lying, awarded £20k settlement

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How long before someone – some man, that is – comes here to proclaim that while this is indeed a sad, sad case, women do lie sometimes, ya know! In fact, it’s an epidemic, and if it weren’t for the political correctness of the liberal media, we’d all know it!

In the meantime, one of the officers responsible for the girls treatment was given a written warning, and three others allowed to resign or retire before the investigation into their conduct could be completed. Ten other officers received “management action.”

Looks like Slap on the Wrist is the preferred technique for punishing UK police too?


If I do something way, way, way less unprofessional, immoral, and contradictory to my job I get fired with prejudice. It just doesn’t make sense.

I don’t want heads on pikes, but every time I have talked with an officer their line is, “take responsibility for your actions”. Shouldn’t it go both ways?


In addition to being “unprofessional, immoral, and contradictory to [their] job,” though, this did positive harm. So though I don’t dispute your right to exercise restraint, I think I’d prefer the heads-on-pikes option.


Luckily that pesky Human Rights Act won’t be an issue in the UK for much longer.


If that were so, the officers responsible for this would be facing charges themselves. Talk about “perverting the course of justice”.


That’s why you investigate, to find the truth. Sure anyone could be lying, but you look at the case, investigate and see what the facts are. In this case they seem to have done nothing. Even if 50% of rape allegations were in fact unfounded, don’t you still want to solve the ones that are. I doubt that false rape allegations are all that common, just because the process of reporting a rape or sexual assault is never easy on the victim. In fact a lot of women do not report incidents for this reason. There probably are more unreported cases than fake ones.


Police admit falsely arresting teen rape victim:

Sadly, the arrest sounds genuine.

And stories like this are part of the reason why.


And the British police are determined to keep it that way.
The NZ police, too.

I find myself surprised that there is any method at all that can accomplish this.

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