Kentucky cop drove rape victim to hotel and raped her again, says prosecutor


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but for some reason not rape.

And this fucker would be first on my list.



Can we make castration a thing for moments like these?


Perfect timing:


His interpretation of #MeToo was considerably off the mark.


Fuck that guy. He can go straight to hell.



The Bullitt County Attorney is John Wooldridge. He is ultimately responsible for what this rapist is being charged with.

Bullitt County Attorney’s Office
300 S. Buckman Street
Shepherdsville, KY 40165
(502) 543-1505


How about you stay and this guy doesn’t live on this planet any more?


How about a bullet in the head and buried in a mass grave with every other crooked cop/judge/politician?




I think living with castration would be a fitting punishment indeed.


Except that rapists will often just use something else phallic as a ‘proxy’ for their missing peen.


I hate to sound all “Sharia,” but removing the perp’s hands would be a more efficient way of ensuring they never have a chance to do it again.


Why wait for the zombie apocalypse?


Wow, that image with Officer Rapey Eyes is actually from that department. All evidence points to guilty as charged.



I was wondering where Mark got such an apt image from; reality is scarier than fucking fiction.



It’s the actual cop:

“Officer Nissen was more than an officer yesterday.”

ETA: The FB comments are catching everyone up:

Then you find out he’s a rapist…


This fucking shit right here is why we need a real life Dexter.


I get the feeling they all know each other?