Teenaged girl becomes a resistance symbol for her peaceful reading of the Russian constitution to a Putin goon-squad (they beat her up later)

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Brave young lady, sorry she got a beat down by the Fascists. The USA is one General Election away from this, we as a Nation need to wake the f*ck up.


Very fine people on both sides.


Putin and his ilk are nakedly exposed for what they are here- cowardly human scum.

Beating a defenseless teenage girl after she reads peacefully her own rights, I can’t imagine a move more cowardly and craven than this slime foisted upon his own people.

Russians, throw this murdering sack of garbage and his party into your landfills, and bury them with their own kind in the waste.

Scum, all of them


I have come to believe that “police” is not really a profession. It’s more of an evil that plagues most societies, differing mostly by degree, in how much free range is given to this caste, and how much of a handle citizens have to defend themselves against overreach. Russia scores very low, but the USA don’t seem to rate much higher (results may vary with pigmentation).


Wait a second… is she wearing a bullet proof vest?! What’s going on with that? Is that common for protesters in Russia nowadays?

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The police as an institution was started and has remained as a method of protecting property and those who own the majority of property. To that end it is in opposition to the needs of the public in many if not most circumstances. You are accurate to describe it as an evil, despite the occasional good apple you may find employed in police departments.


Trump: “Hold my KFC…”


Google “Russian History”.


If the police are an evil, then they are a necessary one.

Anyway, I wish this would surprise me, but Russia has been turning into a brutal, authoritarian and increasingly Fascist nation for a long time now. :frowning:

Not feelin you.


Misik’s father is a Putin supporter.

If he’s still one after this incident he should volunteer for studies on psychopathy.


In the event your home is broken into, and personal items stolen, a drunk driver runs a red and smashes into your car, a female member of your family sexually assaulted, who you gonna call, Ghostbusters?

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Brutal and authoritarian is the Russian government’s normal state, only varying in flavor and concentration over time.

No idea how to find it again, but read an account of an American expat in Russia.

Said that Russia is maybe not quite as bad as the news makes out, and the US is more f’d up than in-country news really covers. Essentially making the case that we are 2 sides of the same coin. It was an interesting read.



National nonprofit End the Backlog estimates Texas now has just more than 2,100 untested kits, down from nearly 19,000 just two years ago.



Judging by my history calling the ghost busters will be just as effective as calling the cops in those situations and at least they would not just get a paid vacation if they murdered me in the process.


A couple of years ago a friend that grew up in the USSR and I were talking about Trump. I was saying that I didn’t think he could do anything to really undermine US democracy. Dimitri’s response has sat in my brain uncomfortably for the past 2 years. He said Russia was a free democracy a short time ago, and that Putin changed it back into an autocracy within a year. Another friend from Turkey speaks similarly about Erdogan.

Russia was not turning brutal and incresingly fascist for a long time. It was turning more democratic for years and then had a sharp sudden turn back


Unfortunately, I can’t get this outside of Facebook, but I’d like to introduce you to one of Puerto Rico’s protest heroes: “Cacerola Girl”


Masha Gessen’s article on the topic is always relevant.