Teenager uses fridge to tweet after her mother takes her phone away

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I knew my fridge could talk to me ( I’m looking at you Sara Lee cheesecake), but it’s nice to know we can have a two-way conversation now.


i’m kind of thinking that if the mom feels her daughter has a slight addiction to her electronics, the mom has a point.


He probably only re-posted because he couldn’t see the first one on his fridge.


Teenagers of the not-too-distant future: Whatever, mom! I’d like to see you try to stop me from Tweeting. Go ahead and pull the neural implant device. I’ll have you arrested for child abuse!!! Also, if you dare it, I’ll have to breach the Twitter Terms of Service, and it’ll be all your fault!


Tweet dat sweet!

There’s ways to change the “tweet from” to say anything you want.

So… tweet using an actual fridge…
Or… it’s a sockpuppet messing around - as this reddit user tells how to change/fake the ‘device’ listed on tweets.

I’m kinda surprised Mom didn’t do the sensible thing and just turn the network off.

Remember, guys, she got in trouble for SETTING THE HOUSE ON FIRE by not paying attention while cooking.

I think if this was MY kid I’d be a bit more… …aggressive in my punishments.


I wonder if she shoved the fridge into her bedroom so she should tweet without being bothered.

Maybe someone in the house (like, you know, the mom) works from home?

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Looks like Buzzfeed wasn’t fooled:

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If she works from home I would assume the daughter would be under slightly more supervision than it sounds like she is.

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