Temporary Jeopardy! host named to replace Alex Trebek

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I hope IBM Watson will be invited to Guest Host sometime!


Jennings is unquestionably the Jeopardy! GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

I love how this assertion caused the ‘related BoingBoing posts’ to include only those about goats.


His twitter game is excellent as well, looking forward to this.


I have never seen a single one of his Jeopardy appearances (or any Jeopardy) but I listen to the podcast he does with a man who is a much bigger celebrity to me, John Roderick, and he’s a decent, witty and knowledgeable man, so I am OK with this. I mean, as I said, I don’t watch the show, so I would be OK with anyone I suppose but I think Ken will do a good job.


I just hope whoever they land on holds themself to the same standard law Trebek of being able to pass the contestant exam every year.


This is unexpectedly appropriate and a brilliant casting choice. Jennings is incredibly Trebek-like in his intelligence, demeanor, and wholesomeness.


I vote for John Hodgman to replace Trebek. He’s got the perfect combination of dry delivery, pedantic haughtiness, and loves ribbing nerds, especially since he’s a huge one.


He’d be good but I’d rather not have him take time off from work that is much more meaningful to me than a game show. Such as writing books, an animated TV show and being a fake internet judge.


I have not been a fan of Ken Jennings, his demeanor or personality.
oh, I will watch. too much of a Jeopardy! junkie to quit cold.
I had heard a rumor of a petition to get Lavarr Burton to host. that excites me no end! (too bad it’s not true)


Also, when anyone says “Yahoo! mail”

There were people who didn’t like Alex.

They were wrong.

Now you are.

Can’t please everybody.

Ken Jennings seems like a fine replacement to me, but I too am excited by the specter of a chance of LeVar Burton doing it.


I think Lavarr Burton would make a great host.

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What a perfect solution to an agonizing decision.

For permanent host, Lavarr Burton would be great. I think of Trebek as the last of his breed - the host who always plays the “straight man” which gave the show a bit of a PBS/NPR feel. If they want to lighten things up, Andy Richter’s a rare person who is both deferential sidekick and hilarious in his own right. Smart and humble, he also won celebrity jeopardy.

NSFW for swear words:

John Mulaney has the intellectual chops and I think is one of the funniest people on the planet but I spose his tone might wear thin if it’s out there on a daily basis.

Booting up Goat Simulator…

Ken and John’s Omnibus podcast is worth your time! Highly recommended.

Watching Jeopardy! for the next month is going to be even more heart-rending…
Damn you, 2020!

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