Ten Wonderful Things for monday




Silly dog. You’re next to the umbrella but not in the shade.


How could it be wonderful today? it’s my birthday and it just means I’m one year closer to the end.

Interesting facts: It’s also the birthday of Tupac Shakur and also International Day of the African Child


Happy Birthday! You’re not dead yet!


Ya, he still looks good – if he got a little color in his face, he would look like rigor had barely set in…



I don’t count years anymore. Just lives.
So I’m 1.
I’m 1 life old.
And my birthday is everyday.


A few years ago I wrote this bit of birthday doggerel:

A birthday passed is like death,
A miracle without fanfare.
One moment you’re drawing breath,
The next you only once were.

Hope that cheers you up!


Hubble deep-space pictures always remind me of my favourite cartoon from one of my favourite cartoonists:



Thanks Rob for choosing my photo :slight_smile:


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