Tennessee bans community oversight of police

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Once again, the party that portrays itself as champions against the tyranny of the state makes sure that its guard labour can enjoy their monopoly on violence without interference from pesky citizens.


The tyranny of the state is when the state tries to help people. It’s not the government’s job to make sure that people are living better than serfs in the Dark Ages! /s


I have the strangest suspicion that, in this(and perhaps only this) moment, Karen will be OK with a law deliberately crafted to keep her from speaking to the manager.


Nashville’s Community Oversight Board was created through a lot of hard work by local people and the police did everything they could to undermine it, including just flat out refusing to communicate with the board.

Apparently that wasn’t enough for them. There wasn’t a lot of trust in the police before. There’ll be even less now.


Exactly. They want to make sure police can act with impunity against the people conservatives either don’t care about, or actively wish harm without oversight by those people.

But—BUT!—the moment that force acts against them, they start spouting off about the Second Amendment, putting on body armor, and loading the ol’ AR-15.


see also, jan 6th. where people spouting @#$! about “back the blue” were more than happy to attack the cops


Yep! “Back the blue” morphs instantaneously into “bash the blue” when it’s convenient. The net/net is that only THEY are fit to decide what’s acceptable, legal, and the proper role of government.


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