Tennessee Criminalizes Plan B

In the wake of the Roe v Wade, Tennessee governor wastes no time signing a law making it a felony to order Plan B by mail. It may still be prescribed by a doctor, who is obligated to deliver pro-life propaganda at the time by state law.


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bizzarro world, mirror universe doesn’t even come close to describing the insanity of this timeline.


Couple this with the law that basically makes resting / camping on any public property a multi year felony, and well…


Plan B is emergency contraception (a big dose of levonorgestrel, one of the components of some birth control pills). It is NOT an abortion pill. It is FDA approved for over the counter sale.

The drugs used in a medical abortion (taking pills) are mifepristone and misoprostol. Looks like the article (and shitty law) refers to these.


Having read a bit further on this earlier today I concur.


Reading this bill, it looks like A) it didn’t name abortion drugs by name but instead talked about drugs that “induced the end of pregnancy.” Tennessee has historically defined pregnancy as originating from “the moment of sexual intercourse and the expected conception.” and B) It looks like an amendment that was added to this takes out all the… I won’t say “negative” aspects… but like, all the teeth of this bill was dulled heavily.



Wait, wait wait. I haven’t read the bill yet, but by this snippet, it seems to state people pregnant via IVF or other forms of pregnancy that don’t stem from “sexual intercourse” are not technically “pregnant” under their laws?
It’s moot in the overall discussion of women’s bodily autonomy, but points out that they’re weaponizing intercourse, against women.


I’m not sure if they ever codified that definition, other than what I heard a lot of conservative commentators saying that was the definition when I lived there. Obviously I imagine they also think that IVF and other forms are similarly “pregnant.” The point I was making more was that I would not be surprised to see this law applying to plan B products and other post act birth control, if the definition of pregnancy starts at the moment sex reaches its… um… peak.

Yeah, I totally got that. My point, as tangential as it is, is, what if pregnancy is not a result of sex at all?
And, again, I don’t mean to derail from the more important discussion of women’s bodily autonomy. I guess I’m just calling out these fascist assholes for their total lack of any kind of moral compass upon the basis of which we might have reasonable discussions.
It’s a shit show either way. But the classist hypocrisy is worse if that definition is actually writ in law.


Fuck off TN…

And how do you think it’s going to be used?


Exactly. It’s going to be used to go after Plan B next.

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They are trying to outlaw any kind of contraception, but they know that it won’t fly as a blanket ban, but they can chip away at the right of women to access contraception, and then USE those laws to go after women who use contraception by claiming it’s an “abortion pill” even if it’s not.

They are not driven by facts, but by ideology.


I haven’t seen any articles confirming it, but I’ve seen tweets about an AZ senate candidate that wants condoms banned nationwide and tweets saying Marsha Blackburn wants contraception banned for non married people. Again I haven’t seen confirmation, but it’s likely these fuckers are much closer to calling for a blanket ban than any of us would like to believe.


“Constitutionally unsound rulings like Griswold v. Connecticut, Kelo v. City of New London, and NFIB v. Sebelius confuse Tennesseans and leave Congress wondering who gave the court permission to bypass our system of checks and balances,” Blackburn explained.

Griswold has been the law of the land since 1965… It has served as precedent for a number of other findings, including making birth control legal for unmarried people, legal abortion, the right of LGBTQ people to have sex, and the legalization of same-sex marriage.


On the assumption that purveyors of these drugs might stop sending to these states, how could a network be set up that allows women to order these drugs through an anonymous middlemen (random people in friendly states, e.g. me), such that the pills actually go to them and are then forwarded by regular mail?

Would there be any way to do this that wouldn’t immediately get infiltrated?

Also, I believe there are international organizations that send pills to regressive countries.


It’s already illegal to do this with prescription medication and “shell purchasers”. I’m not saying “don’t” but I am saying if you’re going to do this I definitely wouldn’t organize committing federal postal fraud and felonies online, because it’s FAR far easier to get infiltrated online, and this is the kind of stuff postal inspectors would do a sting on people for any kind of prescription.


I’m not well-versed in the law, but it sounds vague enough that fighting it would be really expensive, and you’d be potentially dealing with judges who think life begins when a bra strap is unhooked.

Again, entirely against women.


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My guess is that IVF etc are not explicitly addressed here because that’s on the to-be-banned list anyway.
In this mindset, the only “legitimate” pregnancy is the pregnancy resulting from a man impregnating a woman “as God intended”. Consensual or not.


Plan B outlawed while guns will be pass around like halloween candy. We live in a effed-up world.