TERFs file complaint against Dr Harrop, act like asses online

Earlier today, Medium pulled a post by a “gender critical feminist” (a term used by dogwhistling trans-exclusive tradmoms) that purported to be an official complaint filed against Dr Harrop with the UK’s General Medical Council.

What sparked the complaint?

Dr Harrop’s very vociferous objections to bigotry.


The UK is in the throes of its very own Dork Enlightenment, in which the social regressives (“Brexiteers”) have started a multi-front war against poors, people of colour, and trans folk. Not only have the regressives started a war, they’ve appropriated the language used by progressives of yore, leading to a very confuzzling and hard-to-parse all out war on social media.

This came to a head with the recent consultation on the GRA (Gender Recognition Act). American “Conservative” think-tanks (read: fronts for theocrats) funded a very concerted astro-turf campaign against trans folk through fronts posing as radfem orgs.

What we are seeing is not a civil war between Second Wave and Third Wave feminism, but yet another front of Regressives vs Progressives.

The link between theocratic conservatism and the anti-trans brigade cannot be denied. The intellectual darling of the regressivists - Ray Blanchard, PhD - has spent a lifetime attacking trans folk.

In recent times Ray’s been inventing new and barely novel terms of bigotry to use against trans-folk (cw: transphobia) (“gendertrender”, “Rapid-onset gender dysphoria”, “ROGD contagion”, “autogynephilia”)

As of lately, TERFs are making shit up in mass campaigns to deny trans folk health care.

Scratch a TERF, and a theocrat bleeds.


On a tangent, I saw this on reddit today

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and those beyond the binary. As a member of our anarchist federation, I would like to propose a motion to, from henceforth, refer to TERFs (trans-exclusionsary radical feminists) as FARTs (feminism appropriating radical reactionary transphobes). I believe this better reflects their beliefs, and I’m all about honest representation and direct democracy. Who will speak for the motion?


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