Terrier takes tight corners while pulling his human on long board


Used to do this with Mack (RIP old buddy), a dumb-as-a-post setter/lab mix, and holy hell would we get rolling along. At full speed on good pavement, watching Mack run from a few feet away is always what comes to mind when I see video from folks who fly ultralight aircraft in formation with birds…except Mack always looks happier.

I would guess this is awesome exercise for a dog, but I wonder if there’s any issue with the pavement wearing out their paw pads?

lucky the dog didn’t decide to go the wrong side of one of any of those poles or columns.


Now that Alaska can’t manage enough snow for the Iditaraod, I think we know what the future of dog ‘sled’ racing will look like…

@wrecksdart : my dog had trouble with road salt on her pads when walking and she would make that abundantly clear; I’d guess that, if it is a problem for the pads, the dog would make that known the first time it happened and you’d then have to exercise more caution(if the dog doesn’t exercise more caution for you, some of them aren’t too bright about that).


The editor could’ve shaved a few seconds off the end of the video, though.

It’s a good thing God loves a terrier because I’m not sure how anyone else can.

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I don’t think that I am doing it right:


Well it’s a good thing that isn’t my dog, because I would have executed him before the 30-second mark and missed all the fun. Once he gets going, you can tell he’s having the time of his life!

That’s potty training.

Hell, if a little dog can pull like that, we know what the future of commuting looks like!

Ok, I’ve been practicing – I think that I have it now…

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