Terrific profile on comedian Marty Feldman

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Am I mistaken, or is that a young Richard Griffiths in the monster sketch?

Intriguing, but does anyone have a free hour these days?


Round the Horne (which he co-wrote most of) is still a classic; the character comedy is immaculate and even if the topical references have lost their meaning, the sheer craftsmanship involved is amazing.


It’s Tim Brooke-Taylor sat next to him. The bloke at the end with the other monster is John Junkin.

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The Marty Feldman Show in the states way back in the day. I watched it every week. My mom and sister just rolled their eyes


Sometimes when I’m working on a mundane task at work I’ll listen to things like this, and in fact mostly listened to this last week. There are little snippets that have to be watched (including Dom DeLuise’s bird doing a “trick”) but it’s pretty good listening.

It made me appreciate Feldman even more and made me want to pick up this biography of him.

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luv this, true individual

I usually don’t have the patience for even shorter videos, but maybe I’ll put this one on when I’m making cookies or something (which means it will take me even longer than usual to make the cookies, but oh well).

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