Tesla t-shirt


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Link to shirt-buying-site? the link in the post goes to mark’s front page, which doesn’t have th shirt, and is very slow (I assume he’s being boinged)

They put a bird on it.

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Thanks. Purchasing, because pigeon.

Nikky , a hipster 120 years ahead of the trendies. Like all famous figures of yore, pigeon on the head is an ignominious honour.

The graphic is nice, but for some reason no matter how much fabric softener I use mine always comes out of the dryer with major static cling.

That’s no pigeon, that’s a seagull.

Anyway, I don’t like the pigeon on the shirt.

Because it doesn’t have red laser-eyes?

A Sea-pigeon by any other name. I agree the T could forgo the bird perched unless it had a frickin laser beam attached too its own head.

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