Tesla's autopilot anti-collision software tested by attempting to hit wife


Akin to going hunting with Dick Cheney, this bad-idea-with-a-Tesla begs for catastrophe.

More like, “Shoot me in the chest to see if this book stops a bullet for a youtube video.” level bad idea.


He’s not a COMPLETE idiot. He was the one driving. :confused:


Doesn’t need to be durable if he has extras.

Related to this post and @TheGreatParis 's video --last year a young woman murdered her boyfriend while making a YT video. He held a thick book in front of his chest, and she shot him with a Desert Eagle .50. Needless to say, the book did not save him.


I wonder what the results might have been if she had worn a see-through blouse for this test.

Gotta find those safety loopholes, you know.


From the same album:


Don’t worry, dear. If auto-pilot doesn’t work and I end up running you over, think of the millions I’d – I mean we’d – make suing Tesla!!!


Also the life insurance company should have asked more questions when he added to the policy coverage: wife hit by black Tesla being driven by autopilot while I make a YouTube video from the driver’s seat.


Ever seen an insurance agent laugh? I know I haven’t. Might be worth it.


No. I imagine it sounding like a hyena getting smooshed by an elephant or Zuckerberg trying to sound human. :astonished::sob::scream:




Hey, it’s just a wife. Totally replaceable.



As soon as he said “My wife”, it brought back Borat memories as well.


Am I the only one who initially read anti-collusion software?
Get this to the White House, stat!


That reminds me of the time that work installed IR sensors on the urinal flush that wouldn’t detect certain colors of shirts.


*That’s what my ex says :wink:

*ETA use to say…

Touche. She trusted the technology and or pending negligent law suit.


Can’t believe no-one has mentioned yet it’s a good thing his wife is white.


Good thing you showed up.



Lots of times.
Mind you, usually we were properly shitfaced at the time.


I know right, it’s irritating as fuck the length they go though to make it easier for the car and give credit for ‘almost’ breaking in time.
…infuriating really.1