Texas 12-year-old charged with murder after shooting Sonic restaurant employee

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The only solution is… no not gun control silly. It’s to require all Sonic workers to be armed.

/sarcasm (obvs)



Fucking desperate :sob::sob::sob:


Transparent cars and body armor for all fast food workers.

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Gun humpers don’t care unless its literally them. Not even their own kids.
If only there were some way to reduce the chances of this happening, say by limiting the number of guns, or somehow “regulating” the ownership there of.

There will be ZERO lessons learned from this. Again. And the next time.


One person tried (and failed) to make a bomb out of a shoe and everyone everywhere now has to take their shoes off in the security line at the airport, for all eternity. Dozens of mass shootings, gun suicides, gun accidents and cases of extreme irresponsibility with guns every single fucking week for years and years and years, and the response is nothing. If we gradually added more restrictions to gun ownership every time an incident like this occurred, it would be illegal to own, buy, sell, manufacture or so much as think about guns within a few days, at most.


A good defense requires a strong offense. So, employees will now be required to shoot first and ask if the customer wants fries that, second.

Just a day before mothers day in Dallas a woman was shot to death in a modest mass shooting while she was driving her daughter to get ready for prom.

At this point Texas is gonna be averaging a mass shooting a day. That’s not counting all the regular shootings of just one or two people like this. Or all the suicides.

Allen. Uvalde. It won’t stop until we stop it.

If foreigners killed this many Americans we’d have every politician crying on tv and itching to nuke their whole country.

It is a war crime to bomb a school. Why isn’t anyone being held accountable for legally paving the way for this wholesale slaughter on our soil!?


You can’t sell bomb to civilian at few thousand minimum credit card limit at retails.

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It is until it is the US doing the bombing. Then it’s collateral damage, the US says “oopsies my bad” and ignore the issue.

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See also, lawn darts.


Because no one has legally challenged the notion that lobby $$$ is not actually bribery.


Obvious the solution here is some prayers and lets just give out more guns.

And Kinder Surprise eggs.

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