Stand your castle ground

No. He wasn’t even trying to enter. That’s a homicide. Call the cops. Turn the sprinklers on him. Shoot at the ground


in a state that just passed a law allowing open carry of firearms without permit or training, the price of life is cheap. guns are seen as the natural culmination to any dispute and will be used, early and often.

do I have to keep saying it(?)
Stay fucking classy, Texass!

pisses me of that I grew up there.


Right up until the wrong sorts of people start shooting the right sorts of people.

You know what I am saying.


I remember a couple decades ago a cop told me that if someone is walking toward your house with a gun, shoot the person and drag them into your house, because if they aren’t inside, you’ve got no hope of claiming self-defense.

Now? Just start shooting through the walls and say “I was afraid.”.


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