Man who shot woman who pulled into his driveway promptly charged

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promptly charged



What the fuck was Kevin Monahan trying to protect that he thought it reasonable to kill someone? Fucking guns are a dickhead multiplier.


“Clutching my oh so cool lethal weapon of war i’m ready for any and all who would threaten me! Are they over there in the corner!? [aims weapon into corner] Are they approaching in the dark!? [slews weapon there] They are coming I just know it!!”

-sigh- probably some psychological term for preparing for an imagined situation makes it even more of an obsession. ok keep guns out of the hands of unstable people, but maybe, just maybe, putting guns in hands makes people unstable @#!!! !!!


This is what happens when they sit in front of FOXNews all day. “Who’s in my driveway?? They’re coming to kill me!!”


There is no place in america safe from a man with a gun.


Beat me to it.


I am pro-gun (but not NRA, fascist fuckwit level pro-gun) and all I can say is this man is a fucking moron. The law of the land specifically states that you CANNOT use deadly force to protect property. Any responsible gun owner knows this is the law. The only time you can legitimately use deadly force is when you have a reasonable expectation that your life or someone else’s life is in danger.

In a sensible world, this man would have not been allowed to have or keep a weapon because he would have had to take a test to get formally licensed to be a gun owner. America is not sensible when it comes to guns, though. In most places, you can cash and carry a handgun or a high-capacity assault weapon right out the door, with as much ammo as you can afford and carry, to then go shoot up some people that pissed you off. No waiting time. Nada. And that’s absolute horseshit.

We need better, more robust gun laws whether the gun porn fetishists like it or not. As a responsible gun owner, I and many others have no qualms whatsoever about a more thorough background check, waiting periods, and many other sensible measures that could be put into place. I’d vote for that legislation in a heartbeat.

For reference: I’ve been shooting since I was about 6 years old. I learned how to shoot even more weapons when I was in the military. I enjoy target shooting more than anything. I have one handgun, a revolver, and a shotgun. So, I’m definitely not the dude loading up a bunch of guns and ammo in a basement in case the GUBMINT tries to take over. Plus, I’ve never seen a rifle of any kind shoot a Hellfire missile down fired by a Predator drone. Not once. So, I don’t think I’ll ever take that chance.

Also, I don’t watch Faux News and I’m what you’d probably call a liberal redneck in the deep south, which means people hate my opinions – like trans women are women and trans men are men. I will fight a bunch of white people being racist. I marched with Black Bloc in protests.

Yadda, yadda, yadda… you feel me. I’m not one of “those people.” I’m just sayin’, there are those of us out there that are on the side of the light. Not all gun owners are horrible pieces of shit like this guy.


While there are some that would call for complete removal of guns of any kind, MOST “liberals” just want some common sense to happen.

And what you outline is a lot of common sense.


I’m sorry my dude but:

Doesn’t that sound at all familiar…?

The fact that you are a responsible gun owner really won’t help Ms. Gillis’ family.


Everyone is a “good guy with a gun”… Until they aren’t.


Yeah, according to reports this 65-year-old murderer had no known criminal history, and likely would have passed a background check. The 84-year-old who shot that teenager for knocking on his door probably had no criminal history either, and I heard he was a veteran so probably had plenty of firearms training.

I’m all for mandatory training and thorough background checks, and there are plenty of other mitigations that would help as well, but the best answer is to significantly reduce the number of guns out there.


‘No true Scotsman,’ huh?

Very convincing, that; welcome to BB, new comrade.


One difference being Gillis died. Yarl survived.
Police would need to get a statement from him before there would be charges.
Unless there is other evidence (witnesses, video, etc…) it often goes that way.


That all sounds good, except…why are you “pro-gun” then?


Though severely lacking in verisimilitude.


Sure. Those are great policies to pursue. However, there’s very little actual support for them because the gun lobby sells less guns that way. Any practical improvements by this point are going to have to reckon with the sheer proliferation of firearms, everywhere, by this point.

Could this have been more manageable at late-90’s early-2000’s levels of ownership and views on responsibility? Likely. Now? We’ve got everyone removing all the limitations that we already had. Case in point: Texas used to have pretty decent concealed carry laws when it came to liability, licensure, and training. They scrapped all of that to be more “gun friendly”/




That’s white, err, right.


Monahan is now being held in the Warren County Jail on second-degree murder charges.

Second degree, because he wasn’t planning to kill this particular person, just anyone in general who pulled into his driveway, or rang his bell.