Texas attorney general demands more armed church-goers


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More guns is clearly the answer!
The NRA & TGOP just orgasmed simultaneously.


The GOP is clearly the Barney Fife of real life (and then some).


My church is a gun-free zone.


So the only thing he could really suggest was ‘more dakka’? That’s a real shame.


I saw a Trump supporter on Reddit claim that gun free places should have armed security and liability insurance since it’s the owner’s fault if someone gets shot there, not the shooter’s.


A: We need to fight fire with fire!
B: Oh no, now even more things are on fire! Maybe we should try water?


I just rolled my eyes so hard, I did my own colonoscopy.


Begs the question of what happens when one orgasms prematurely?


I’ve seen similar sentiments in the comments at Breitbart.

Basically, defense of the shooters because of all the stuff happening in America drives them to the shootings. “Can you blame them?”

Doesn’t seem to occur to them that this sort of normalization and rationalization is why they keep happening. Even the moderate whackos over there who try to set them straight don’t make any headway.


So how is that going to work with quakers, anabaptists, etc?


Book of Gawd


Yes! what every church needs now is militia people patrolling catwalks above the congregation, armed with AK47’s and faith.


The object of faith and the target of worship seems to have shifted to slug throwers.


Now we know what the TX attorney general worships. His god is Ares, dressed as Jesus.


Don’t forget, Republicans “aren’t” one-dimensional bad guys, and their point of view must be respected.

I mean, what kind of society would we have if we turned our backs on someone just because their first reaction to a mass shooting (that it was their job to prevent) is to sympathise with the gun lobby.


There are 70 million gun owners in the US who list “self defence” as a primary reason for owning the gun. These civilians kill about 2,000 “bad guys” per year in self defence This means the average self defending gun-owner waits 34,000 years for their chance to shoot and kill a bad guy. These guys really need to step it up.

(By the way, the police shoot and kill about 1,000 “bad guys” per year).


I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but the idea of having to carry around a pistol everywhere I go doesn’t seem to me something to be proud about in terms of the society in which I live. I prefer a safe place to live and to raise a family. Statistically speaking more guns just mean that more people are going to get shot.


Holy. Fucking. Shit.

I love guns. I grew up shooting them. This is an objectively terrible idea.