Pastor's wife attempts gun violence to settle argument

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Comes with the territory. Do you know how hard it is to keep your eyes on the target while turning the other cheek?

Assuming reasonably normal levels of flexibility it’s not too hard to keep the firearm pointed in approximately the right direction; but keeping it from drifting a bit as your perspective rotates can be tricky.


Jesus loves you, or else!


"Willis said that Toney had been in a conflict with Lori Haywood, 29, who is married to New Life Apostolic Youth Pastor David Haywood. Willis said the two ministers’ spouses had tension over a “minor conflict” and that an argument over a themed T-shirt that Haywood had worn to an event was “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

“The pastor and the youth pastor had thought, ‘Maybe we could get them together, we can hash this out and fix this before it escalates,’ “ Willis said Wednesday. “Of course, it just made it worse, I think.”

According to Willis, the four met, along with the Haywood’s children, at the church on Saturday, May 11.

Haywood told The Register-Herald on Wednesday that, during the meeting, she had “called out” what she said were dishonest statements by Toney."

Haywood told The Register-Herald that she was trying to leave the church premises when Toney’s gun fired.

She added that she “almost lost my life.

“We were just trying to leave, peaceful,” she said. “The reason for the shooting was stupid, and very unnecessary.”

He added that Toney had a concealed weapon permit at the time the pistol fired, which he believes “should be revoked” after court proceedings on the wanton endangerment charge.

It has become popular in rural West Virginia for some congregants to carry firearms to church, in response to mass shootings that have occurred in other states.

Just like Jesus wanted.


On the next…


Why? How does having a gun make you safer when there’s already someone shooting at you? Now there’s twice the killing machines. It’s not like a gun will cover an appreciable area of your vital organs. And you definitely can’t shoot the bad guy’s bullets out of the air. And it’s not like cops can tell the difference between you and an active shooter.


One would think that thoughts and prayers would do the trick.


Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
– Matthew 5:9

Unfortunately, “peacemaker” in this context may be open to misinterpretation.


In John 8:7 Jesus states “So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” But as long as the pastor’s wife was going to shoot at her target’s kneecaps, the Bible is a bit fuzzier on that.


Yeah but she’s clearly a “good guy with a gun”, she was attending church even! This is totally not a big deal…





There’s a gun for that.




The way I heard it, Toney’s first instinct was totally Ephesians 6:11, “Put on the whole armor of the Lord that ye may stand against the devil,” but then she remembered that her armor of the Lord was at the cleaner’s on account of Miss Caddie Jefferson horking on it during catechism, so she went with her second instinct which was from Luke, " Smite that bitch Haywood as she would smite you if you give her a possum’s butt of a chance," though it’s surely true that the Gospel of Luke is murderous long and her recall of the precise wording in that passage was a little fuzzy.


I can only hope that this is a face-saving lie about some much deeper-seated togetherness deficiency; because there’s something (to my mind, at least, I recognize that I may be in the minority on the matter) much more chilling about being willing to employ lethal force in the context of a difference described as ‘minor’ than there is in taking the position that the gravity of some situations justifies it.

For myself I find the concept of ‘forgiveness’ philosophically baffling and so, so far as I know(maybe I’m doing it and I just don’t realize, since I don’t understand it, I can’t rule that out) I don’t do it; which provides a strong incentive to act, and judge, with utmost care because errors count.

When you are waving a gun around your positions on such abstractions aren’t really relevant; you are judging like there is no such thing as forgiveness because if you are even slightly competent or lucky, there won’t be time for any. FFS, act like you know what the stakes are.


I believe “church” is only capitalized like that when speaking about the institution, not about specific buildings.

Shades of Cat Ballou


I dunno, this guy seems ok.


I don’t know what Haywood was thinking. Being dead is the best thing that can happen to a Christian!