Fox News' Ainsley Earhardt says Church the best place to be shot


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news flash…

God hates you.


Man… Xtians are fucking crazy.




You know, if you are a believer and feel close to God in church, then her statement has a ring of truth to it.


Stay classy folks.


I’m thinking Earhardt would have a different take for a mass shooting in a temple or mosque…


Is it heretical to suggest maybe a hospital would be preferable?


Listen, I’m not usually one to say people should be fired for saying dumb shit, but that’s really pushing it.


I would say the “thoughts and prayers” will be exactly as efficacious for victims murdered in a church as they would be for children murdered at school.


I mean, theologically it’s a pretty sound argument. If you’re the right denomination and you get killed in church, you really think God’s not going to feel bad about turning you down?

It actually ties in with my (probably partially misremembered) time watching Atheist Experience, it was something that would come up. Premise is that it was a call in show, hosted by a guy who had been studying to be a pastor when he realized he didn’t believe in God. When people would insist on having no doubts at all and being perfectly certain that all of it was real and they were going to Heaven he would sometimes ask why they hadn’t martyred themselves. Not in a “go kill yourself” way but more of a “why are you wasting time and risking that in the future you’ll do something that’ll be considered hellworthy?” way.

Always found that show interesting for the back and forth, even if it was often pretty formulaic (lots of people end up asking the same questions and doing the same talking points, which means the hosts end up giving the same responses.)

For my money I’m with @bheerssen though. Preferably in the trauma ward.


If you believe a book that you think was ultimately written by a sky monster is the missing manual for your existence, and have decent reading comprehension, you’ll likely come to the same conclusion.


Was going to post a Thoughts & Prayers snarky joke but came to realize i just can’t even today.


I just spoke to God, and she said get rid of your fucking guns.


Well this would explain why the Texas legislature passed that law allowing guns in church. The LORD has a plan for your life!


Not necessarily. I’m sure she’d be glad to see Moslems and Jews go to the hell she believes they’re bound for.

Just remember, whatever saccharine BS they dress it up in, Xtians basically believe in a God that damns all non-Xtians to burn for eternity, and they worship that God. That it’s all a load of hogwash doesn’t alter the fact that they believe it. And yet they have the gall to call atheists immoral!

Are you kidding, this is just another Monday morning on Faux News. That whole network should be out of a job, but shit doesn’t get fired from the septic tank.


I see the tweeter in chief is putting this one down to “mental health issues”, rather than “gun issues”, and that “it’s too soon” to talk about gun control in the wake of this utterly predictable tragedy. Which raises a number of questions.

  1. how’d he come to that diagnoses so quickly from the far side of the world?
  2. Assuming his diagnosis is correct (an heroic assumption, I know), wouldn’t mitigating the damage one person can do be a good idea?
  3. given that it’s too soon to talk about this tragedy (but apparently not too soon to tweet about it), is it also still too soon to talk about Las Vegas? Orlando? San Bernadino? Umpqua Community College? Washington Navy Yard? Sandy Hook? Aurora? Binghampton? Fort Hood? Geneva County? Virginia Tech? Columbine? When, exactly, can we start talking about gun control as it relates to these older shootings, even if we can’t talk about the current one?


If you feel close to God in church but not anywhere else, you’re not Christianing correctly.


And many of them can’t even be bothered to follow the actually decent human being parts of their religion like “love your neighbor as yourself.”