Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is facing first-degree felony securities fraud charges

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Call me jaded, but I’d be surprised if the investigation results in anything more than another small fine.

Now, if it was Joe Shmuck, and especially if Joe was a minority, there would be a nominal jail stay at Country Club Estate Penitentiary.


Nice Max-Headroom-like headshot.

These charges are absurd. After all, we know damn well that if your religion (the worship of money) conflicts with the law, it’s a violation of your Constitutional right to exercise your religion if the state tries to convict you for breaking the law!


Nice alliteration there, @frauenfelder.

“Tea Party hero” was enough for me, pass, PASS BIG TIME!

A curious think about Paxton is that his Facebook page is, as recently as this past Tuesday, actively soliciting contributions to his ‘campaign’ (see https://www.facebook.com/senatorkenpaxton?fref=ts), which redirects to his page at ‘raisethemoney.com.’ Paxton’s term only began this past January, so it is unclear where the money goes and what campaign he is soliciting money for.

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Well, it’s pretty big - 1st degree felony can result in life in prison. Texas Rangers were investigating a totally different incident (regarding Paxton) when they uncovered this.

Saw this on Twitter:

This is going to be a fascinating test of religious liberty to commit securities fraud.

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Knowing a little something about securities laws, I cannot imagine that failing to register as a investment advisor rep would be a) a felony, or b) bring any sort of jail time. Generally, these sanctions are civil fines, unless there’s some sort of theft of client assets or other malfeasance more than simply not registering with the state securities commission. Raw Story doesn’t always get the facts right, I’ve found.



Oh, Kenny P has plenty of troubles from the past. But the GOP is so entrenched, they can elect a someone facing indictment to a crime he already confessed to, a crime that breaks a law he voted for in the State Legislature and later voted for hasher penalties.

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That’s true, but I’m getting the feeling that this might be “the straw.” I hoping reporters aren’t going to throw a whopper this big back into the water.

What do you guess the GOP will do - circle the wagons or throw him under the bus?

Here’s a Meatier article

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The legislature just finished its session until January 2017, so they can all ignore it for now. The statewide officials will probably just let him flop around miserably, probably glad that he’s distracting the media from whatever idiocies they’ve been up to. If it goes to trial and the prosecutors are GOP, they’ll eventually throw him under the bus. If the prosecutors are Dems (HAHAHAHAHA!) they’ll claim he’s being unfairly picked on, then shed their crocodile tears if he’s convicted.

Update August 2: He’s been indicted, and barely a peep from his fellow GOP office holders.

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