Texas doctor blames Texas republicans for 'killing their fellow Texans'

Many of them HAVE done that. But many people here just have no interest in hearing that. And it’s not their job anyway. This is the same problem with 9/11, with Muslims being held to account for their violent co-religionists.


I have plenty of interest in hearing about them. We can use as many allies and sane people as possible.

Care to name some Mainstream Christian organizations who are acting to counter Fundamentalist mayhem? If they need support, I am all for it.


Yes. I can.



It’s not just the Evangelicals that I’m thinking about. The False Christians of the South have moved so far away from Jesus’ teachings that they’ve perverted them. And they’re inconsiderate, entitled, spoiled brats to boot. There is nothing else but to name them for what they really are: False Christians and heretics.


Many of them have embraced evangelicalism and moved away from the mainline faiths. The heart of the evangelical movement is in the south and mid-west.


And this new voter suppression bill signed in the past 2 hours


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They don’t care, and why should they?
They have their fists firmly on the levers of the State government; and with the new voting laws in effect as well as the new soon-to-be-gerrymandered-from-Hell-to-breakfast voting maps, their cold, dead hands will have to be pried loose first.
Besides, Czar Abbott has his sights set on a 2024 POTUS run, & he has the Florida gov in his way… so he has to prove his Fascist creds with the American Al Quieda.

As for the Congresscritters, they are mostly afraid of being perceived as being not Fascist enough & being primaried because of it.

Well, sitting in a cell in the basement in the Hague, awaiting trials for Crimes Against Humanity would be a start.
Dollars to doughnuts, they will probably all get re-elected…

It is startling how quickly the party that was supposed to be against the Heavy Hand of Government has become that Hand…

And the Fascists are using blowtorches…

Jimmy Carter is the best ex-POTUS we have. Too bad others haven’t followed his example.

Especially if it is from a Mega-Church. Those are businesses & need to be regarded as such.
Any ‘compassion’ from them is a carefully-crafted Business Decision.
Re: ‘regular churches’, I would expect more compassion if the person behind the pulpit isn’t white.

Yeah, and the sad part is, it is just for PR puposes. They don’t seem to actually go out of their way to change Hearts & Minds.

True enough, but at least they did away with single ticket voting awhile back.

Oh? And just how is it that they can’t seem to win Statewide?
Ever look at how the various districts are shaped? Ever wonder why?
The politicians are choosing their voters, instead of otherwise…

No, the Lege [a.k.a. ‘The Politboro’] is. He merely signs the bills into law.
The Lt. Governor [Taliban Dan] has more power than Czar Abbott, since he gets to decide which bills get considered during the regular session.
ETA: And 666 of 'em were passed. Most of 'em became law a few days ago.
Seems like at least one of those self-described ‘Conservatve Christians’ would have taken note of that…

Well, I stopped referring to them as Republicans. Or ‘conservatives’.
They are Fascist Death Cultists, until they prove otherwise.

I, too, remember when Ann Richards was Governor.
It’s been downhill from there.

It goes far deeper than that, as I am sure you know.
Police departments, for one. Media outlets of all kinds, for another.

Of course it does!
But when they have also infiltrated the Courts that are supposed to decide issues without bloodshed… then what? I am reminded of this:

I hope it doesn’t come to that.

May as well save a few letters & just call 'em heretics.

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…my main takeaway of the Trump era is that Christianity is 100% doornail dead. Whatever vestiges it had as a political tool to rein in our worst impulses - as a religion of peace, helping the suffering, helping your neighbors, worrying about your eternal soul, asking what would Jesus do … completely gone.

My first job out of college was at EDS in Dallas. Born agains made Texas inhospitable as far as I’m concerned, and that was mumble-mumble years ago. I also recall entering Dallas to a bunch of pickups with guns in gun racks and bumper stickers that said, “Love NY? Take I-80 East!”

Texas has been unwelcoming to outsiders for YEARS.


Quakers and Mennonites are reliable allies at anti war demos, Episcopolians, Lutherans and liberation theology also have a section of Christian socialists within them. Some Quakers have been arguing for LGBTQ+ rights since before the Stonewall riots, and other LGBTQ+ affirming churches have joined them over the years.

A lot of evangelicals might be heretical in their beliefs, and they do dominate the narrative in the US, but they don’t get to speak for all Christians.

As if it is that easy. Ask any British trans person how easy it is to be heard when the TERFs are dominating the narrative and shutting down any alternative to their views.

There is a lot of crossover between the TERFs and the Evangelicals at the moment. They are unlikely allies, but Margaret Atwood pointed out that this could happen back in the 1980s.

Maybe it is time to ask why other people (the media?) are making it hard for mainstream Christians to be heard and make their presence known?


Maybe for the same reason that ‘Man Bites Dog’ makes headlines, while the opposite doesn’t.


There are some times when they do make headlines, and they can be fun


White supremacists have ALWAYS had police, because they are often one and the same.

no kings look up GIF by P.O.S.

Again… right?

Which is fucked up, right? As the TERFs are supposed to “radical feminists” and here they are, carrying water for the fucking patriarchy. Traitors.


I would like to point out that the American MAGA crowd also differs from the Taliban in that the Taliban own their trucks outright. The American zealots lease their trucks.


What I call them, even asterisk’d, got me kicked off the Guardian UK comments.


The Taliban also know how to pimp their ride better. Lord Humongous, eat your heart out.

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