Texas mayor to power outage residents: the city "owes you NOTHING!" He then resigns from backlash

I think the guy’s bill jumping from $80 to $6700 is probably counts as an “Extraordinarily high price”. But what do we know, being the poors and all.



See also: peritoneal dialysis, bilirubin blankets, etc.


… and COVID patients and others on ventilators, etc. etc.

Boyd’s rant–and it is a rant–is full of the unwritten, between-the-lines toxic libertarian BS that externalities are something for little people and poors to deal with, and that the bootstrappian-mythos is ready to sacrifice Texas (or in Boyd’s mind, Colorado City’s) children, elderly, infirm, poor, etc.

Even were Boyd’s argument (that the city owes its residents nothing) technically true, i.e. a review of the 2021 annual budget of Colorado City could show no line item for “climate disaster contingency funds” or “emergency, [literal] life-or-death expenses,” the angered, entitled tone of the man’s rant tells us everything we need to know about his priorities, at least.

The sad fact that he, along with Cruz and Abbott, are all public servants is a warning to Texans about the character qualities of some of our leaders.

We can do better. We must.


I own two. Plus a few pocket knives with can openers, and a few old P-38’s from my time as an enlisted grunt. Can’t open a can? As the great Bugs Bunny once opined, “Whatta maroon!”

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