Texas' new cannabis laws screw PTSD sufferers. Again

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All these nincompoops could really use the experience of a good “ego-death” brought on by a potent entheogen just once in their lives. I think it would do the world a lot of good.

*For the inexperienced, consider it a shift in perspective, like Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, or that moment when in The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins climbs to the tops of the trees in Mirkwood to experience a proper head-clearing.


Would that actual studies actually mattered to such people!



God forbid anyone alleviate the potential physical pain of suicide with a little THC. Geez.


And send them down the road to perdition?! Get the devil out of your dirtified soul, you wretched sinner!!


Texas shouldn’t mess with Texans.



Abilene-born. Oh, the irony.

  1. The Texs Observer is a tiny little publication and it ROCKS! Check it out.

  2. If you really want to travel on the road to perdition, join the GOP.


THC isn’t the only helpful cannabinoid. Hemp is great stuff and legal to buy, and even cbd isolate products are helpful. I’ve been uskng a CBG isolate as well which i love. even with my mmj i use full spectrum cbd concentrates during the day for ptsd and it’s changed everything. just look for third party testing


Are you suggesting hypocrisy, from the GOP!? Good DAY to you, sir. I say Good Day!


My grandma would have said CBD without the THC is like a hug without the squeeze. I’ve read that CBD without THC isn’t as effective. No?

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Hemp seed flour is a great source of proteins (try making a vegan hempburger :slight_smile: ), hemp oil is also useful for food that doesn’t have to be cooked. For me CBD oil does wonders for joint and muscle pain, but doesn’t seem to do anything for anxiety and (mild) PTSD. What dose do you use?

What effects does it have?

CBD and other cannabinoids have their own benefits and do just fine with or without THC. Hemp extracts are crucial for those who can’t or shouldn’t have THC, like those wth schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or children.


In the meantime, the Texas legislature also legalized the cultivation of hemp in the state (to go into effect Jan 1). The funny thing is that without very expensive lab testing, there’s no way to distinguish between (legal) help and (illegal) cannabis. Currently there is only one lab in the state accredited to perform this test, and it doesn’t have anywhere near the capacity to serve the whole state.

Recognizing this, several cities and counties in the state have already decided that they are essentially going to treat cannabis possession as hemp possession.

This is absolutely an unintended consequence of that law, which goes to show what a bunch of amateurs there are in the lege.


I will be interested to see how this particular unintended consequence plays out, and how the complexion and accent of the possessor affects the de facto assumptions.


Typical Texas Legislature, or “The Lege” as Molly Ivins called them. And they’re the same caliber of idiot that lobbied to keep consensual sodomy on the books as a crime until it was struck down by Lawrence v. Texas.

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For a while before his death, my nephew was taking medical marijuana pills (minus THC) to stimulate his appetite after chemotherapy. It can be very helpful, even without the high.
Just for the record, he had Epidermolysis bullosa of an acute degree, so I think he was denied THC for safety’s sake, to prevent accidental harm.


I don’t doubt that it can be helpful, I’ve just heard that it’s more helpful with at least some THC. But I really couldn’t say because my experience with both is very limited.

I would’ve “smoked him out” if I could’ve, but you know…


I think the important thing for medical marijuana is choice. In too many states, people are forced to choose between limited delivery methods, when other options might be better for them. Some might find a 50/50 strain best for them, others a 100/0. Some might prefer vaping to edibles or pills. It’s just sad when people have to suffer because lawmakers are afraid of marijuana mostly because of stereotypes and bad science. And let’s be honest, because of racism.