Texas now tops U.S. in total COVID-19 cases

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From the Worldometers site, Texas has been #1 for a couple of weeks. However, when sorted in per-100000 format, the Dakota states are really getting hit hard.

Even more interesting is considering the electoral choice of the “top” 15 states in per-capita cases:


(Cough) Sturgis (cough).



We’re short of breath
Awaiting death
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Deep in the heart o’ Texas!


The state’s cases per 100,000 population is 3,269.84

In Europe, the norm is to freak out at anything over 20 per 100,000.


That’s 20 daily new cases though.
The three-thousand-something per 100,000 are total case numbers. Which is still bad, putting Texas near Belgium and Czechia. Not good, but not worse than the worst-hit nations of Europe.


No? My understanding is that code red in Europe means 20 cases in total. And the red code will go away when patients are declared well (or dies), not when new cases slow down.

I’m in Lubbock, TX, where the stupid runs rampant. An increasing number of people I know and work with are “popping positive”, as some of the maskless wonders put it. Between Covid and the heavily armed (and brutally stupid) Trump-thugs, this is a terrifying time and place to live. :frowning:


We usually use a two week total so 200+ per 100,000 is freak out bad. And it’s that bad in much of Europe now. In fact very little of Europe is below that and those that are below are still a concern because Greece for example was barely touched first time.

Look to Asia for how to deal with it. The only European or European colonised countries to deal okay are isolated and usually islands and with relatively small populations. None of the big, white dominated, countries has really dealt that well.

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The Johns Hopkins tracker also allows one to see active cases, a metric by which Texas is not leading the US. California has 923,887 active cases (leading the nation), Texas has 136,224.


And yet our Governor has spent the last few weeks directing his minions to waste taxpayer money on meritless court cases in an attempt to make it both more difficult and less safe for us to vote. Everything really is bigger in Texas, including our leaders’ incompetence, indifference and brazen idiocy.


Amazingly California also has had 923,887 cases. So in 7 months no one has gotten better in California.

The data that needs to be presented is absent or buried and linked by multiple web sites which you have to comb through to get any real idea of how bad things are.

9.3 million cases in the US.
According to John Hopkins, North Carolina has:
Cases: 280,377
Deaths: 4,457
Recovered: 246,318
Active: 29,602

The NC state run Covid site has a little more detailed numbers and probably is more up to date:

Cases: 280,377
Currently Hospitalized: 1,175
Available ventilators: 2,373
Empty hospital beds: 5,742

NC has a population of roughly 10.5 million.
This means that 2.67% has been (or is) infected, while currently 0.28% is currently infected.
With a cumulative death rate of 1.6%.
59% of all deaths have been aged 75+, with an additional 23% 65+.
Of the 4,457 deaths 1,759 have occurred in a nursing home (39%)

I’m not saying it’s just killing old people in homes. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be taking precautions or that it isn’t dangerous.

What I am saying is that the data that is present on every website does not give an individual an accurate representation of the danger they are in. For some people taking precautions it might be low, for others not taking precautions the risk of infection could be high, but potentially not as fatal as someone older or with underlying health conditions.

Facts, knowledge, and understanding of risks are what has been needed through all this.
The average person may be too stupid, ignorant, or selfish to actually make any use of it but it’s a disservice to everyone to simply engage in more fear mongering (that’s aimed at the general media, not anyone specific.)

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Of course, we also have this guy in town, which makes me feel a little better


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