Texas' state run psychiatric hospitals are now gun friendly


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“What could possibly go wrong?”


I worked food service at a hospital. Our department got written up for sending real silverware or china up to a psychiatric ward whether a patient got their hands on it or not. Same with aluminum cans. We always did the psychiatric ward meals either first or last to make sure that we were consistently switching out for the different plates and cutlery precisely once so there weren’t any screwups.

But guns… I guess that’s okay.


Damn. Beat me to it.


Are the patients allowed them? Only seems fair.


What you weren’t aware of is that in Texas, the patients of a psych ward are legally considered “a well-regulated militia” for the purposes of the 2nd Amendment.


Only the patriots.


ok, the thing we have to worry about here obviously is if one crazed inmate gets a hold of a gun and starts shooting the other inmates. The best way to prevent this happening is to arm all the inmates equally - the only thing that stops a bad person having a psychotic episode with a gun is a good person having a psychotic episode with a gun.


Well, I mean with all that lithium being doled out well-regulated takes on a whole nother meaning.


That kind of thinking is exactly what led the alien overlords who secretly run our country to form the NRA.


What a great plan to get only the least qualified healthcare providers.


Well shit, isn’t that just bloody brilliant.

Sometimes this is true.


FTFY… These are patients. Not prisoners, even if they’re committed against their will. Although some probably are there instead of prison, and are inmates. But just because you’re locked up in a psych ward doesn’t make you an “inmate.”


I am probably safe. There is 10000km of solid rock between me and Texas.


At least someone is treating these people with respect, because Texas lawmakers sure the hell aren’t.


I blame it all the NRA for this law.



words and meanings and all that - just because you’re an inmate does not make you a criminal.


No. The mentally ill are mostly dangerous to themselves, and are more likely to harm themselves. That’s not how mental illness works. It really isn’t.


What does “confined” mean to you?


Words DO indeed have meaning, some of which aren’t obvious from a straight reading of the dictionary. Specifically, while inmate might very well refer to someone in a hospital (according to some subset of dictionary definitions, anyway), that definitely does not mean it is the best possible word for the situation at hand. The word “inmate” has connotations that “patient” does not, and in the context of a hospital, “patient” is still a much better word to describe the people therein.

TL;DR: Don’t be so fucking pedantic.