Textiles printed directly from sewer covers


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More “gutter fashion”, no thanks. I’ll stick to Goodwill/Thrift stores.

[note sarcasm]


And, they look proper in the mirror…


Looks like Cory got scooped!


I can’t help but think that they should do this in Japan, the land of cool manhole covers… http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/03/the-beauty-of-japans-artistic-manhole-covers/


Oh, sure, you’re all over this, but when I roll ink on your toilet seat you freak the fuck out!


Well, you never thanked me for the T-shirt.


That was a T-shirt? I wondered why the fly wouldn’t do up. I got arrested for having my junk hang out, and had to call the wife from lock-up. “Again?” she said.


I wonder whether you could use a roller to do offset printing and reverse the image that way…


It’s almost funny how often this happens. I want to say at least every other week?

I know the staff don’t share an office, but you’d think they’d all keep track of stuff posted to their own blog.


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