Thai agricultural fertilizer TV ad may be the best fertilizer TV ad ever


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Unfortunately for him they’re really Thai ladyboys…


Did anyone recognize the root vegetable (yams?)?

No Amazon affiliate link? strange


i have to say i find this post confusing. im not mad but it seems to me this could easily be under a headline of look at this sexist ad!! oh hate hate men for this!! Jezebel articles etc instead its awesome? can we get a base line for this?


Or maybe that’s what he’s into. Actually it might be nice if they were–it could be a counter to the Ikea ad that made a guy dating a transgender woman a joke.


You seem personally offended that sexism isn’t just fine.


Hey culture, keep up! Where’s my HuffPo Hourly HuffNPuff about this ad?!? The girls, they dance! Much sexy! How boobie!! But it’s commercialized sex appeal! Jiggle jiggle for the product, is your wallet getting harder? And #notallmen! To portray men like this, dirty, agog, groping, is stereotypical character assassination of men! In coveralls, no less!! But the female powers of persuasion, their fecundity, their virility so strong that it’s already seeped into the soil in which they’re standing…don’t they have agency?! Power? It’s salty, but it’s also sweet…I mean, you got that chocolate in my peanut butter???..



Tapioca. Fun to see what it looks like before all the food engineering happens.


great, thanks a lot - tapioca it is.

fun stuff, the tapioca sticks look somewhere between delicous and toxic


I’m fertilizing right now!


It’s a great fertilizer ad because it’s full of shit.


Encouraging growth one farm hand at a time.


Most Thai commercials are emotion-exploiting weep fests…


Click farm, Inc. enticed me into regretted clicking yet again. Damn.


Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that consistency would be foolish when something really turns your crank.


It is imperative that all BoingBoing contributors have weltanschauungen in lock-step with the Vast Left Wing Internet Conspiracy ™. There is no room for independent thought. Someone call das kommittee right away! Xeni has deviated!


This is no place for loafers! Join me or die! Can you do any less?


How about some good hiking boots?


Relax boys. This ad is based on a true story. The actors are playing exaggerated versions of other people who have performed similar rituals in similar fields, except a long time ago, when such things were more common, before modern machinery and petroleum-based fertilizer. Where this ad excels is in its faithful reproduction of a time, a place, and an attitude toward agriculture that suggests, perhaps, that those with the greenest thumbs are not those with the bluest noses. So get in there and really work the soil boys, like granddad used to do, and his dad before him–all the while inspired by wheat swaying in the wind, or pendulous fruits dropping seductively upon the ground.


I want to buy whatever they are selling. I don’t care what it is. I want to buy it.