That ain’t baloney, it’s magic!

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“perhaps a luncheon meat as yet undefined.”

Holding back the vomit.


Actually, the top piece is smaller as shown on the screen.


That’s the “magic” in the meat…


Wasn’t “Baloney Magic” a product Ron Popeil used to sell on TV?

You know, for kids.

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As for the video, I would like to see him apply ketchup to the fry BEFORE he moves the center piece of the device halfway in at 0:59.


Two seconds in Gimp shows that these slices are nowhere near the same size. Like, not even close.

Would it be churlish to point out that the angle of the photograph (and possibly the lens) has put a certain amount of perspective into the picture, resulting in quite significantly different pixel sizes in the two slices?


The two pieces are genuinely the same size. The slight angle of the photo amplifies the difference, however I can assure you that done in life, the difference is almost almost the same. The Jastrow Illusion works, as proven by its popularity over such a long period.

This is pickle and pepper loaf (or something very similar). When I used to slice meat in the deli, the 70+ crowd was keen on it (as well as mortadella, and far worse horrors). It’s like a slightly more flavorful bologna.

Well, I’ve never thought of the Japanese as being known for their charcuterie… but I’d try it!

But, but, but! Mortadella is the king of all luncheon meat!

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The juxtaposition of that clarinet sonata with Mickey D’s was the best part.

What happens if you put a bunch of them on top of one another? Is it fan-shaped sausages all the way down?

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Only if combined with capocollo in a sandwich.

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I don’t think that would be a problem, he’d just have to extend his preparation time to also make a identical looking daub of ketchup on the second fry. :smiley:

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Shouldn’t it be “bologna” in the context of mixed meats? Baloney is a word for nonsense.

“bologna” or “baloney” … pick your favorite.

Wow. Not one of 200 million Japanese people have ever heard of this trick?
He did ask all of them, right?

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