Watch these dudes construct and grill Barbecued Beer Can Bacon Burgers


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i have seen the future, and it is full of colon cancer


I laughed when he referenced “food police”, I guess any subject online has people staunchly on either side and they must be clearly labeled. The internet is a strange place.


But… it’s gluten free !!!


I see there are those pesky “vegematics” to contend with too.


Well, except for that bun they put it on at the end.


It’s not even 10 in the morning, and already I’m hungry.

I want to see video of him making an angel-food cake.


How much beard hair goes on each burger?


Meh. If it wasn’t for beard hair, these guys wouldn’t get ANY fiber in their diet.


I had some pretzels, but they just weren’t as satisfying.


I’m pretty sure I got a food-borne illness just watching him wipe his dirty hands on a rag that he stuck back in his pants pocket. :cold_sweat:


Damn, so close !


I thought they were going to be cooking them on a grill made from a beercan. I guess I’m glad they didn’t, carcinogens and all, but this seems like it is just as deadly…

cheese is paleo?


I didn’t see a single barbecued beer can in that whole video. When do they get added?


Be still my beating heart.


Well, ironically these guys are probably “food police” too-- I’d bet good money they would gripe and complain and make non-stop jokes at your expense if you showed up at their cookout with vege-burgers.


That’s the point. On any subject in the internet people have defined sides to support and then casts a label on the “bad” side - even on a bbq channel which talks about militant vegetarians. You’d have seen that if you were not such a glosser.


Totally came in here to say this. Ugh.

I’m about as carnivorous as they come, and this really didn’t appeal to me very much. It just seems so… Messy.


I’m not sure how paleo that cheese is.


You don’t really need all of those arteries anyway.