That EPA push to ban a pesticide that harms babies' brains? Dropped after Trump EPA chief Pruitt met with Dow CEO


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Christ, what an asshole.


Scott Pruitt is a perfect fit for the ⊥rump administration.

I’m sure he’d have been offered the job of US Attorney General if it hadn’t already been promised to Sessions.

He is exactly the fox that the R tribe wants guarding the environmental henhouse.


Are babies brains listed on the NASDAQ exchange? Can I buy shares in them?


Look, as long as it doesn’t actually kill the babies, this still counts as a “pro-life” stance.

Besides, damn kids gotta learn to protect themselves, can’t ask the Federal gubmint to do everything for them. It’s bad enough mom and dad have to change their damn diapers and feed 'em all the time.


I mean, those babies can be a rather pushy special interest. Why should THEY get special treatment, when all they do is cry, eat, sleep, and poop their pants? /s


Perhaps the effect of this pesticide can explain the existence of Trump’s base.


I feel like the GOP is trying to be the mob from Good Fellas: ‘Fuck you, pay me’


It’s a good point! Babies are a huge drawback for the country. They show up here and just expect us to pay for their education and welfare, without contributing a penny to taxes or GDP. And if they do eventually learn enough to be useful, it’s only to compete with hard-working Americans for jobs. You know, most murderers and terrorists were at one point babies.

It would probably be sensible to vet babies to make sure they accept our values and can contribute to the economy, if not entirely ban them until we can figure out what’s going on there.


You, you get it!


I think all environmental chemistry articles that expose some common chemical to be harmful to people should include in the results: “Chlorofluorofuckus (or whatever) has also been shown to cause severe permanent erectile dysfunction and testicular atrophy in older white men.”

That would get it banned, like real quick.


From what I’ve been told is that the children are no longer our are future. Teach them well … or don’t they will have to follow either way.


“comically evil” doesn’t really cover it anymore.

If you thought any lessons might be learnt from Grenfell, well, here’s your answer.


So you don’t even have to discuss anything anymore? You just shake hands and mumble things like “goodtameetcha”, and voilà, problem solved?

Fer fuck’s sake.


Dear Mr. Pruitt,


Recommendation: Strong short position.


My reaction to pretty much every story about That Man. :-/


Have an upvote a a virtual pint, that is simply brilliant. :beer:

Disclaimer: I will also steal the “all terrorists were babies once” argument for future use.


At least Orrin Hatch should be able to relate to them…