That time Alan Rickman died and I didn't mind

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I can’t lie. I was hoping McClane would go down and Gruber would win. Or at the very least that Gruber would be placed in a Mexican prison and the sequel would open with him escaping through a mile-long underground tunnel.

Yeah, I know. Totally implausible.


Hans Gruber is my favorite movie villain of all time. Better than Goldfinger. Far better than Xur and that silly Kodan armada.

Gruber was real and really evil and great and smart and handsome and just the bad guy you wanted to be. He was an exceptional thief!


Has anyone checked on Jeremy Irons’ wellbeing?


Let’s not forget that he was the only good thing in that Kevin Costner Robin Hood movie.

Also LOVED him in Sense & Sensibility.


Thanks for that. He was an incredible actor.

He knew how to best use his voice, his delivery, and his facial expressions to make a film better than it would’ve been without him.


Read somewhere not long ago that Rickman’s surprised expression at the beginning of the fall was real; the release on the harness that he was wearing for filming the fall let go way early.

Wondering now about the health of Sir Ian (McKellen), Sir Patrick (Stewart), Malcolm McDowell, and Sir Charles (Dance).

Oh Metatron, oh Dr. Lazarus, oh Professor Snape… you will be missed.1 An impromptu script doctor.2 A precisionist with such lovely control of voice. From wiki, a quote that comes close:

Helen Mirren said his voice "could suggest honey or a hidden stiletto blade, and the profile of a Roman Emperor"

  1. ok ok he was great too as Hans Gruber, and Marvin in Hitchhiker’s Guide

Ooops. Beat me to it! Slow connection over here. Well done!

Read also that the director told Rickman they would release after counting “One, two, three” but told the crew to release on “One”.

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