Alan Rickman, 1946-2016


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By Grabthar’s Hammer, fuck cancer.


I hope everyone will be chill today and not spread around stupid memes like ‘Dumbledore kills Snape’


Open. The. Gate…

… Peter.


Few people embodied seriously funny like he did.


Damnit all to hell, this has been a terrible week. I just watched Galaxy Quest yet again, for about the billionth time, just the other night, and was wistfully thinking how awesome would it be if they made another movie with the same cast.

Fuck you with a rusty chain saw, cancer.


Shit man. That’s really quite enough. More than enough. We can stop it now, any time at all. The dying. After Bowie this is like getting punched in a gunshot shoulder (or heart).


2016, your welcome mat has been revoked.


Staccato voice? I think it was quite the opposite—the term “languid” comes to mind.


I just watched CBGB. He was just always fun to watch, a cool cat.


That’s an awesome shirt he’s wearing in that clip you posted, @SpunkyTWS . That’s how I want to remember him.


I guess it’s too late to call off Christmas…


No Galaxy Quest reference? By Grabthar’s Hammer, you shall be avenged!

And Alan Rickman, you shall be deeply missed. That dragon cancer, taking everyone we love :c


Alan Rickman in Bottle Shock. A little no name movie, but my wife and I loved it. Rest in peace Alan.


Dead of cancer at 69? I’m beginning to detect a theme to this year already.


Fuck cancer.

What a craptastic week.


from Truly Madly Deeply…“My Feet will want to march to where you are sleeping, but I shall go on living”


As seen on Io9, posted by AnnieGotHerGum, who says it was “shamelessly stolen from Gigwise’s FB.”

So say we all.


“Villains”? Alan Rickman didn’t play villains, he played Very Interesting People.



2016 sucks.

Fuck cancer…with a spoon.