That time Veronica Boing Boing'd Archie


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I dunno, but that “boing” sounded a lot like “schwing”…


Now I’m concerned that I let my daughter read that comic :slight_smile:


Can you blame a guy, with all that smerping going on?



At least it wasn’t some punk.


They’re all degenerates…



I set my phone to go “boing!” whenever I get a text.

Kind of embarrassing when I got one right as I was next to a woman stepping up onto a bus.


What you call embarrassing, I call hilarious, and will implement in my own phone. “Boing” beats the hell out of a bicycle chime.


Never really read Archie, originally because I found it boring, and later because of the really crappy way Archie Comics treated their writers and artists.



Captain Thrash does not play by the rules - especially punk rules.


I used to put tiny safety pins onto the collar of one of my sweatshirts.

Just sayin’.


What, so your collar was attached to your ears?



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