The 1-star reviews convinced me to buy this spoon holder


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Mark, that thing is begging for a new photo. One with a Tomato On The Vine nestled in each lobe.


wasn’t someone here joking about stainless steel truck nutz a few days ago…

ask and ye shall receive!


It even has a mounting hole to attach it to your trailer hitch receiver.


Couilles de “le Creuset”

to; dt: truck nutz for your le creuset

too opaque; doesn’t translate:


It doesn’t, though, it resembles buttocks. If it resembled a scrotum, one side would hang slightly lower than the other.


Damn I bought two of these in white plastic years ago. Now, I can’t get the scrotal images out of my head. Thanks alot!


I think it also works for a butt, breasts, and wait a minute, I think I see the face of Jesus in there! Miracle product.


This boingboing post convinced me that I should buy it as a gift for my fiancee. Naturally, living in Germany, I checked for it on, where I was shocked to discover it’s retailing for €100, instead of the $10 at

See for yourself: scrotum spoon holder at


And a plantain…? Yeah… I’m a bit off bananas at the moment.


The last time I ate one I didn’t sleep for a week.


that’s nuts


Gak! That looks like a giant huhu grub:


hmm, evidently many amazon reviewers have very saggy scrotums.


Yech… thanks for that thought


I thought it looked more like boobs myself


I’ve had one of these for a few years:

Recently my my folks were visiting and my dad commented that it looked like a butt. Now that’s all I see when I look at it.


Fool! That’s not a spoon rest…it’s for teabags!


Don’t forget to pick up a couple extra to save as wedding presents for the daughter.


That's no spoon rest