Williams Sonoma Reversible Meat Tenderizer


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hmmmm… :thinking::thinking::thinking:


a.k.a. the world’s most dangerous butt plug


so, it’s not just me…


An impressive pounder indeed.


Some one had to take one for the team and say it. Thank you.


Nope, not just you.


Reminds me of a paper towel holder my mom had - one of the vertical ones. That was quite a bit more than 6 inches, though.


It really is a nice kitchen tool; despite its appearance invoking everyone’s inner 15 year old.

Admittedly, a nice heavy bottom small sauce pan works basically as well for pounding out boneless meat.


you bet it will crush your nuts


A “sensible and character-building” one designed by Martha Stewart.


Am I the only one who thought this thing could tenderize, then un-tenderize, meat?


For the masochistic cook in your life …


Why is that Hugo award in a meat tenderizer advert?


Also: Just look at it!/Why isn’t it yellow?/Look at the size of that thing!


I’m impressed! A 15 I’m pretty sure I would have no interest in butt plugs.


If you like a product, you’ve just got to give it a plug.


Already dreading the eBay listing photos


Yes! I want to flip the base around and toughen the shit out of this filet that I bought.


I count three tools.


I came here to say “reversible meat tenderizer, you mean a ball-peen hammer, right? Right?” but then