Ground Meat Chopper


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I use a pastry tool for the same effect.


Wrong! Pastry tool is for pastry, hamburger tool is for hamburger. You need one tool for each ingredient. And a drawer that can hold a thousand tools.


Hard to decide which is more stupid: this or the Rollie…




Well not exactly. Is there a word for a tool that only does one job, but one of your old tools does the same job as well or better? We need a word for that.




In my house, the word for that thing is “donate.”

I think this, along with the Kitchen Hammer that Mark posted about the other day, Mark is trying to tell us something. I’m just not sure what it is.


i’m not going to make fun of the tool, but i am going to make fun of the name.
Ground Meat… Chopper?

Honestly, I was hoping for a helicopter made out of chuck.


We have one of these and I hate it…it’s a stupid tool that serves no other function, does not fit in the drawer and is hard to clean (little bits of meat get stuck in the corners). It also crumbles the meat too finely in my opinion.

The wife is a sucker for specialty kitchen tools that she barely uses.


Finally, someone was able to re-purpose all those old illegal lawn darts.


Ground Meat Chopper…

Workin’ on it.




So a combination ground meat chopper and steak tenderizer? Just throw the GMC into the air and let it land (hopefully in the steak!) and repeat until the meat is the desired tenderness.


I’d been hoping for a tool for this purpose, but this doesn’t seem ideal. It’s just a spatula with an extra half blade, so it’s exactly 50% more effective than a spatula. Maybe it needs more blades or spatules or something…


Are those the motorcycles used by the security detail when the head of Oscar Meyer goes out for a ride in the Weinermobile?


Does Mark actually buy all of this stuff he pimps here? Or are these things promoters send to him? Because if he’s buying them, he must spend a crapload of time browsing Amazon for unitasking kitchen gadgets… :expressionless:


Is this a parody? I remember not too long ago Mark writing a hagiography to some hedge fund shitheel that advocates being “possession free”. Pretending to fetishize this absurd kitchen whatsit is a far more compelling and entertaining argument for that lifestyle!



You people who say @frauenfelder is promoting a unitasker redunditasker just have no imagination! You can do LOTS of things with this:

  • Mushing ground beef
  • Mushing ground turkey
  • Mushing ground pork
  • Mushing ground lamb
  • um…
  • … running out of ideas here
  • mushing ground fake meat?