The 11 stereotypical roles offered to Black men in Hollywood


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He forgot “outlandishly queeny gay fashion stylist/service industry comic relief”.


Also forgot the scary scary gang guy with very poor aim and terrible hand-to-hand combat skills


He left out the black sympathetic social worker, the loyal black cop sidekick to the white cop, and deep-voiced aliens (under very heavy makeup).


There’s always work at the post office.


Also the “Look! We cast this one-dimensional doctor / architect etc. as a BLACK man!”

There’s probably a lot more than 11 but whatever the role, if a non-white actor is cast, their race is the point.

(it’s even more true for gay roles, but at least if you’re a gay actor you can still play “normal”)


But why the insane number of dislikes on Youtube?




Dang. Beat me to it.


Sad sad sad, how long this song remains the same.


I seriously fluv you for posting this.


I once met Robert Townsend while working at an Oracle convention at Moscone Center, of all places; he seemed surprised as hell to get recognized.


Ha, that’s awesome! (In several ways, actually, wow.) Lucky you, and him.

That movie is a little rough, but I still love it.


It was just a quick encounter, basically “hi & bye”; but it was still memorable enough to tell people about, years later.


That’s part of the reason why I dig it, TBH; much the same as I have a soft spot for Clerks.

Both Townsend and Kevin Smith made their first films independently, with almost no outside financial backing; and both ended up becoming very successful directors.



This needs a follow-up showcasing the (stereo)typecasting of black women!


This is as assuming they just don’t whitewash the acting role completely.


I’m not sure if YT is a reliable reference source for what’s truly good or what’s truly bad.


What about “police cadet/officer whose talent at making sound effects is surprisingly handy when catching bad guys”.


That just a stereotypical role for Michael Winslow


What about “black guy in a lady fat suit?”