The 1960s high schoolers who started a major pot smuggling empire


For me, this begs the same question that I might ask Investment Bankers: at what point do you really keep doing it for the money? I mean, if you have $2M in cash/gold/etc. in hand, free and clear, more than enough to live a lifetime on, why risk losing it all plus your freedom? Why not find a legit business or explore a risky hobby? This, this is my question.


who wrote the “Argo” story for Wired that was turned into a terrific movie

As long you know that the Argo movie was a work of propagandistic fiction, it was a fine movie.


word on the street is clooney might be playing the spanish teacher.

Selling is more of a habit than using.
-William S. Burroughs


Wait, did I read that right?

“The story is an epic tale about a group of friends from Coronado High in the 1960s who started the first major pot smuggling empire, with the help of their former Spanish teacher Walter White”

Yeah. The jingoism of that flag-waving fest literally sickened me.


It’s only $1.99 right now for the Kindle.

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