The 2010 election was the most important one in American history


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And 2018 is no joke, either

Folks who are sick of the idiots in congress and who grieve a Hilary Clinton presidency should be working HARD for big Democratic victories in 2018.


…and do what they can to get Sanders elected.


A Hillary Clinton presidency certainly means gains for the Republicans in 2018; a Trump victory means gains for the Dems in 2018. Pick your poison.


I dunno that I agree with your deterministic fatalism there…or at least, I don’t see much evidence for it.


A Trump victory means we have no idea what the state of the nation or the world will exactly be like in 2018 other than that there will be many, many bad things happening and the Dems picking up the Congress won’t be likely to help.


What if HRC selected Bernie as her VP a la Team of Rivals/Obama-Biden? I think we’d have a massive wave election. Or pick Cory Booker and see African Americans turn out in record numbers again. And despite Mssr Booker’s love of big money folk, he also is a real hands on do-er. He’s smart, effective and would be a great veep. Same for Bernie, but I don’t think he’d go for it. But I hope Hillary floats it, just like Obama floated the R guv of Nevada for the Supreme Court (brilliant trolling there, bravo!)

I’d be happy with either D candidate. Gun to my head who would I choose: Trump, Cruz, Ruboto, Carson? Just pull the trigger. Just make sure it isn’t a grazing shot as Herr Drumpf would yank my healthcare (actually all of them would)


Having watched the clip, I think you mean a stink in its tail.


Bernie as VP makes perfect sense. It’s a consolation prize, but he can push progress and work in Congress. I think he would seriously help. He could promote all his progressive ideas and pull votes also. It would show that a progressive can make it on the ticket even if it’s not for the Big P.


He is too old. They are all pretty old, but Clinton & Sanders is too demographically unbalanced. My money is on Corey Booker or Julian Castro. One of those guys will be Hillary’s running mate. Plus, the Dem’s need to look towards the future, and Sanders is not electable in 2020 or 2024.


Castro’s been running for VP for years.

Young, helpful demographic, a bit of a kiss-ass, never been a rival.


Exactly. The more interesting question is who will be Trump’s running mate. The scorched earth of the Republican campaign and the straight up hate from the establishment GOP put him in a difficult position. I don’t think there are too many eager VP candidates for Trump. Maybe one of his sons?


Palin, Christie, Ivanka, Ann Coulter, Ted Nugent, David Duke, Joe Scarborough…?


I’d give you better-than-even odds it’ll be Palin.


I’d give you better-than-even odds it’ll be Palin.

Just look at her folks, isn’t she gorgeous?


More importantly, she hasn’t called him out on even one tiny bit of the crazy stuff… so far.


If she wasn’t my Vice President…


He won’t help us take Texasstan, but Booker would help in the south (including Texasstan). Plus he would totally own Palin in any debate. Man that would be GLORIOUS! There would be quivering hunks of stupid left on the floor once he was done with that nitwit.

Has anyone at BB noticed the feds are rolling up all the Bundy crazies? They got the husband of that totally nuts NH R rep who posed as ‘just an ordinary voter’ (Trump knows what we’re thinking!’ [crazy eyes])


Her new show is way out of the park!

Thank you TV gods for allowing this to happen!

Now how about letting us Canadians watch it legally? I’m willing to pay…


such a loaded statement