The advantages of seasteading

Seastedding Bitcoin couple learn about foreign policy.

“Face death penalty” from Thailand for violating territorial integrity. Trying to set up business in Phuket with wealthy like minded seastedders - floating libertarian paradise state nearby.

Need help contacting embassy.


The advantage of seasteading seems to be that it’s a quick and easy way to identify wonky libertarian loons.


So when people like this watch Waterworld, do they see a cheesy dystopian movie or a vision of a utopian paradise?


Or an opportunity to grift the rubes?


“This story was originally published on Fox News and is republished with permission.”

Interesting story, but might be less dramatic as it seems at first.

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No amount of conviction about autonomy and personal liberty would ever convince me to live in a tiny box 12 nautical miles offshore.

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From the article you linked:
While Thailand’s Navy hit the couple with the serious charges, police colonel Nikorn Somsuk told the South China Morning Post he would have to ask the Attorney-General to proceed with the case since the outpost was technically in international waters.
“We have not met the couple yet. We have sent investigators to their home but they were not there,” he told the paper. “We don’t know what their thoughts are apart from the fact that it seems a bit extreme to want to be so isolated.”
He also hinted that the couple may not face the most serious punishment, telling the South China Morning Post “as of now, there is no evidence that their actions pose a risk to Thai sovereignty.”

Not exactly “the execution squad is kicking down the front door now” threat level.


Grifters being unreliable reporters? What next? :grin:


Nations bordering the South China Sea might be more than normally sensitive about people building artificial islands in international waters these days.


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