The Age of Dingdong




I liked that :slight_smile:


Hmmmm… I read this with a bit more of a Cheech and Chong spin on it… I am definitely going to hell.


Pedantry time …

  • It’s “Ipswich”, not “Ipswitch”
  • It’s the A2, not the A-2
  • The A2 doesn’t go anywhere near Ipswich
  • It’s even further from Norwich
  • It’s the other side of the country from Exeter
  • There’s no sane route that will take you from London to Ipswich via Exeter and Norwich, and the insane route would take you 550 miles and about 10 hours of driving (London to Ipswich direct is about 80 miles).


Sane? :open_mouth:

Cultists about to sacrifice 20 Boy Scouts are not so self-limiting :stuck_out_tongue:




There’s no sane Euclidean route.

Granted, there’s also no sane non-Euclidean route, but it certainly takes less than 10 hours. Heck, it takes less than half an hour (depending upon triffid).

cf Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut


Further pedantry: any road route is non-Euclidean, as it traverses the surface of a spheroid.


Amusing but rather awkward.


Rather poorly timed given that iwo dead and one senile MPs have recently been outed as pederasts and there is an ongoing investigation into a couple of Tory Cabinet ministers.

It was not satanic abuse but if true, the allegations point to a group of libertines enjoying flouting laws they impose on what they consider the lower orders.

One of the men who has died since won a half million dollars in a libel settlement in connection with a ‘false’ allegation against him. Said Tory wrote a book The new machiavelli where he advised establishing a false, easily disproved allegation so as to muddy the waters in a genuine allegation is made later.


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