"The Alt-Right is Slandering My Father’s Beautiful Creation, Babar"


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I guess I always kind of assumed that Babar voted Republican, but he was a Hoover Republican.


I have long been dismayed by Babar’s reluctance to spread democracy to his people. Also, he lives in a pretty nice mansion.




It’s… parody? I suppose that’s a relief, in a way.


No monarch would call themselves a republican, unless they didn’t want the job.

I expect Trump to break this rule when he declares himself King of America.


Teh Missus loved it when her father would read Babar to her as a child - but she always got a bit pouty when he’d remind her: “You know Babar’s a fascist, right?”.

Ahh - good times.



I’M Nearl!


And I can’t help but see Babar and Coming to America as part of the same series.


Each one of those layers sailed over my head I’m afraid.

I’d google “Babar alt-right” but I can’t imagine what good could come of it.


Rataxes and the Rhinos must be Regan Republicans then?


Just a bit of an FYI for the younger members of BB. If you look up Babar (particularly the story of “Babar’s travels”, be prepare for some pretty dated images of “tribesmen”… Think old blackface images…


My take on Babar is it’s a parable of a banana republic. Babar, who was missing since birth, shows up right after the King is poisoned wearing a fancy suit and driving a car? Cornelius suggests Babar be King and then Babar picks him as general? It’s all too convenient.


“Babar knows exactly what to say to people until their faces relax.”

A sentence of genius.


THAT’S a pickle.

Poor Nearl. Flowers for Algernoned, then… Goddammit Ronnie.


This is an alternative fact. In his other identity he wears a purple dressing-gown


Surely you meant to write Emperor of the Americas?


Badfort 4 Lyfe.


Uncle stole a bicycle!