The American Bystander - new magazine created by old National Lampoon folks

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What is this “print” of which you speak?

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Well, dang. I find this interesting, possibly aided by the fact that I have never seen a talking head in front of a bookshelf with so many books that are right in this room with me. Got that. Got that. Read that. Um, heard of that.

I can still remember that day back in 1970 when I looked at the second or third issue of National Lampoon on the newsstand, ripe with potential and promise. What, seventy-five cents? Eh, too steep. (Conan #1 was also too steep, at 20 cents or whatever.) I ended up catching up to it later, and gradually acquiring the majority of the 1971 issues.

Wait, don’t go away! I still remember more stuff!

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