National Lampoon co-founder Doug Kenney speaking at UCLA (1972)

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I am late to the show with Kenney and the Lampoon. I mean I know OF the Lampoon, and of the movies etc. Not really familiar with Kenny. But there are two documentaries on Netflix that changed that. One is “A Stupid and Futile Gesture” which is a re-enactment documentary with Will Forte, Martin Mull, that guy from Reno 911 and tons of others. The dude from Community does Chevy Chase and I thought he was good. The dude that does Dangerfield is so spot on it is eerie.

The other one is Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon which is more straight forward documentary which includes interview of several of people involved.

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Saw “A Stupid and Futile Gesture” the other night and enjoyed it quite a bit, but then I was a charter subscriber to National Lampoon and really enjoyed its reckless humor. The high school yearbook and Sunday newspaper parodies were also wonderful if you grew up in that era.

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Now I wish I had not recycled all my issues of Nat Lamp. Waaa…

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If it makes you feel better, I feel the same way about my fat stack of Dynamites.


I came of age in the 70s and had no idea Lampoon was such a short-lived flower. Most of the issues I read were stolen from my older brother. I enjoyed the real documentary more than the “movie”, which seemed rather strained and contrived.

Kenney was an anomlay & it wasn’t until years later that my 1970’s teen mind began to really enjoy, not just NatLamp’s quality of humor, but Doug’s prolific contribution to the comedy scene at the time. Little did we know he would spawn & bifurcate his woderfully dark & snappy wit into the future & beyond. In all reality, he did more for SNL than Lorne Michaels ever has,…or will. The goofiness of the Netflix biopic is to be expected…but in more serious terms, we are all laughing because of what Doug (and Henry) did for us. They made it wonderfully uncomfortable to feel safe in the condescending snicker of the outrageous darkness that we live with every day.

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