"Tripping" is a documentary about Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters

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I happily got to see Ken talk at Sonoma State back in the late 70’s. The topic stayed on his writing rather than the Pranksters, which made for an interesting evening. The Pranksters was a small and interesting part of Ken Kesey, but not the whole picture of who he was and the greatness of his writings.


Lucky you! At that point in time, I was more interested in Tonka trucks than Prankster buses, but it would have been fantastic to hear him as an adult. I do agree that the Prankster period only shows a piece of a fascinating man. Who would have thought that this icon of acid was also an all-American football player and wrestler?

I am excited to watch this documentary though.
Seeing “Magic Trip” back in 2011 was really instructive as to how the world has moved on (not always for the better) since the 60s. It’s hard to imagine the kind of freedom they enjoyed. Cops would end that trip within minutes these days.


Second on “Magic Trip” being a really fantastic film. I wrote my college honors thesis on Kesey and this film filled in some gaps in my knowledge and was a lot of fun.

Kesey liked nothing less than 400ug.


That’s quite a solid hit, considering 50-70 ug would get most folks pretty blasted.

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Oh, yeah, for sure, but Kesey’s trip was the super hero, you know? Owlsey’s tablets were 270ug. When Owsley ran into Albert Hofmann at some point and told him how much they were taking in a dose, Hofmann was aghast at this overdosage.


In the 1990s in North America blotter was reliably billed as 100ug and that got you plenty out there. Set and setting, people.

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Man, that Owsley Stanley acid was strong.

Yeah? Hmm. I thought Cuckoo’s Nest was good, but also that Sometimes a Great Notion could’ve used a stern editor. :woman_shrugging:

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