The American student detained by North Korea and sent home in a coma has died


This and we shot down a Syrian plane in the same 24 hours?

Well this should distract from any pending FBI investigations, quite nicely.


Interesting read from a couple of days ago.


David Sedaris apparently likes to plug books he’s liked recently while on tour, and when I saw him speak a few years back the book he plugged was “Nothing To Envy”. I reccomend checking it out - most of it’s defectors are relatively upper class (by North Korean standards) so no concentration camp horrors, but some of the passages are still stunning… one defector comes across food left out for dogs once they cross into China which is better than the food they got in North Korea for example…


Essentially, DPRK treated Warmbier the same way they treat their own citizens.

A+ for consistency.


While I think I’m with you in spirit, to imply that there hasn’t been any coverage of police killings of blacks in the, say, cellphone video era, is probably not totally accurate.


I said, constant, repeated story.

YES! Theres coverage. Theres just not enough interest, apprarantly, to make any changes.


Are you perhaps conflating interest, and actual realistic ability to affect policy in a grand way in a late-stage-capitalistic oligarchical kleptocracy? I personally like to blame the oppressors, versus the oppressed, for these problems.


The family has my empathy but he was old enough (and educated enough, i.e. college student) to know that visiting North Korea, a country that has declared the USA a mortal enemy, is a stupid idea. Stealing stuff there is even more stupid if true.
The whole thing is horrible - twisting the story isn’t necessary.


And read Without You, There Is No Us, by Suki Kim. And Dear Leader, by Jang Jin-Sung!

Exciting, scary, heart-breaking.


Doesn’t Risk Assessment generally occur on mental development models AFTER the age of 25?

I’m not saying the kid wasn’t dumb, just that someone should’ve been watching out for his well being OTHER than his touring company.


My twitter is full of people who seem incredibly upset about this, and I just can’t relate.

The way I feel about this incident is a lot like the way I feel if someone dies while free climbing or base jumping. I respect their right to make a choice for themselves, and it sucks that they are dead, and I understand that it is a tragedy for their friends and family. But on my list of things to get personally upset about, this doesn’t even make my top 10

I think I’m maybe getting burned out on feeling


They are both appropriate and innappropriate. It depends on who you are. Humor, as dark as it may seem, is how many, not just some or a few, but many people deal with horror and tragedy. (edit:a werd)


Yeah, i caught looks for cracking jokes at a friend’s funeral after his suicide. Thanks for explaining humor.

I doubt anyone here was this kid’s friend or family.


It was the result of an untreated stroke.

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