US college student released from North Korea after being in a coma for over a year


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What is the relevance of the Chinese port building in the photo?

Edit: It looks like it is located on a river (the Quan River) that forms part of the NK border with China, so maybe that’s where they got him out of the country, rather than directly to Japan, which makes a certain amount of sense


To be fair, North Korean sleeping pills can be large and hard to swallow.

LOL. Good eye, Tuck.


Well that explains that!

“for more than a year in an unconscious state.”


Yeah, after a year in a coma in NK, there’s probably not much Otto left. :cry:


My God what a nightmare. What’s the survival rate from his condition? Low, I’ll bet.


Wow those North Koreans are thorough. First they ruin his health, now his bank account.


Coma coma coma coma coma chameleon,
you’re in NoKo, then in Sapporo…


Well he did try to steal a poster after all!


Assuming it’s reversible, “in a coma” sounds like a decent way to spend a year in DPRK detention.


Looks like we traded him for Dennis Rodman.


The credibility of the story is completely undermined by the laziness of the reporting team in taking a file photo of a building in the wrong country and assuming it will serve as an illustration. For those who can’t read Chinese the building is the Chinese Ministry of Commerce building. It has nothing to do with the story. You may as well use a picture of the Channel Tunnel for a story about the recent British General election. The most generous interpretation is that this simply laziness. A more disturbing one is that readers will assume all oriental countries are the same so what difference does it make. By the way, I used to live in Jilin Province - and have crossed to North Korea several times so I do know the area. But the use of this picture is ridiculous.


To be fair, if one DID use a picture of the Channel Tunnel for a story about the recent British election, I probably would not question it. A duck, sure, but not the Chunnel.


Sick burn, bro. Any chance to get in a dig at the ol U S of A, aye?


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