The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocolypse: A Cookbook and Culinary Survival Guide

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See, this is why you will want me in your tribe during the apocalypse. Not only am I dashing and resourceful, but I can make you a grilled cheese sandwich from literally anything.



The same way the men are (mostly) clean shaven or at least have groomed facial hair? One assumes they raid the drugstores of small towns for razors.



Option number 2: Be a zombie.

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Considering that the object to my immediate left is a large jug of hydrochloric acid, I think I would do quite well eating through a zombie apocalypse - for a while anyway!

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Priorities! God forbid the mens have to look at hairy pits (although they did for fucking centuries!!!).

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I see hairy pits multiple times a day.

(Mine are waaaaay hairier)

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Yeah, but somehow on women, it’s gross… Ugh…

I know the point you are getting at. And it is a strange double standard. Almost every woman I know goes through “to shave or not”, and luckily the people here in Eugene don’t really notice one way or another. So peeps are generally free to just do what is comfortable for them.

But howdy ho that’s not the way a lot of the rest of the world works.


Yeah, some places/groups don’t care, but the majority of our culture does… which is why you get strange things like the Walking Dead with ladies pitts free of unsightly hairs.

The reason we do it, is because there was a push to get women to shave in order to sell the razors… And there is evidence to suggest that shaving is not necessarily conducive to optimal health.

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It really isn’t about hygiene or health. I cut my head hair, cause if I didn’t I’d have a noggin the size of Norway. And I shave my face cause I just can’t grow a beard I can stand the sight of.

We are semi hairy apes, and that’s alright with me. (Except for ear hair. That shit can diaf. God its itchy!!)

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But head hair is different than body hair… And of course, the social pressures for shaving are different as well.

Are we arguing? Cause I didn’t mean to start an argument here…


I don’t think we are arguing at all.

Well… Unless…

wanna have an argument?

Not particularly with you, no! :wink:

I guess what I am imperfectly saying (which means I’m saying it badly) is if you wanna shave something, or not, or trim it, or not, Knock Yourself Out. I ain’t gonna tell anyone what to do, and again I appreciate beauty. Beauty needs no qualifiers.


one sec


I am the most CIS, masculine, gorgeous man you could meet. But I post gorgeous photos of other gorgeous men, women, and lbgt. I certainly have preferences (no purple, mohawks look ridiculous, and if you smell of olives you can get out), but body hair?

My goateed mug has given people rashes. So I have zero place to complain about arm hair.