The Art of Finding Dory – Beneath the surface of Disney's amazing aquatic adventure

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I watched Finding Dory over the weekend, and Pixar has crafted something wonderful here.

What I want to mention, though, is the digital short that played before the main feature film.

It is called Piper and has the most stunningly beautiful and subtle water animation I have ever seen. It is a delightful few minutes.

Here is a clip of it:


It’s a way better use of their water tech than The Good Dinosaur.

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I have not seen The Good Dinosaur yet.

How does it stack up against their previous work?

For myself, Ratatouille and Walle are my favorite Pixar films so far.

That’s amazing. And with music by the wonderful Adrian Belew!


The first time I saw Brave, it felt like there was the beginning of a story there that they largely threw away somewhere in the midway point and went in another direction. Apparently it was a troubled production.

The good dinosaur had a similarly troubled production process, and left me feeling much the same after my initial viewing.

I eventually warmed up to Brave, but it is no Wall-E. Maybe I will feel differently about The Good Dinosaur after repeat viewings. The water is amazing, though.

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Seeing it called Disney’s Finding Dory grates a bit. To me these movies will always be Pixar, never Disney.
I know. I’m a petty bastard.

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