The art of Ringo Starr


Ringo’s art (done in paint, I believe, rather than a computer) previously appeared on a credit card. I need to be slapped in the face, intellectually, just for knowing that.


What constitutes art?
When an artist done an art, art be.

As you wish.


Paul was the walrus, Ringo was The Lawnmower Man.

Got it.

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Is this tongue in cheek? I can’t tell. I really hope so. It’s absolutely dreadful.

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OK it’s a joke. Didn’t get it at first.


(in general) I think I may get what the guy is talking about, but I’m not sure if it’s a language barrier or an academic level that over-eclipses mine that makes him so hard to understand.

I thought the site was a joke at first. But I did some searching (here, here and his official site) and saw, to my horror, it was sincere. (Unless Ringo’s trolling us all.)

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I guess fewer people call you on your bullshit when you’re famous, and no one calls you on your bullshit when you’re megafamous.

Ringo, this is bullshit.


Oh my. It’s all dreadful. What the fuck!

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Oh, my eyes, my eyes.

Just like his music, ugh!


Wha… what about my baybe?


I really like the Muhammad Ali dinner plate.

Sorry Rob.

Hmm, I wonder if artcelebs@celebrityart also carries prints of those wonderful Bush Jr. self portraits…

someone’s been watching gamegrumps

Why isn’t anyone saying anything about Ringo Star’s art? Instead, all this discussion is about a horrible digital picture that looks to be made by an angry 9 year old.